Monday, February 13, 2006

3 by K.M. Moning & 1 DNF

Over the weekend I read three of my stashed Karen Marie Moning Highlander titles. Out of order ..and didn't realize I was hopping between series either. Not only that, I also discovered I have two copies, different covers, of the same title and am short one book. Lovely!

Kiss of the Highlander
Second in the series. Features a time traveling physicist named Gwendolyn Cassidy and her enchanted Druid sorcerer Drustan MacKeltar. The MacKeltar family has been charged with keeping the Fae and humanity separated for many millenia. Now Drustan has fallen afoul of a crazed old woman and some gypsies. Gwen finds him, purely by accident & manages to travel back to 16th century Scotland & forward again without going completely crazy.

Dark Highlander

Third book. Features Drustan's twin Daegus,Drustan's evil spirit possessed brother, currently hiding in Manhattan from his twin and the cult out to kill him. Enter one Chloe Zanders, archivist & ancient civilizations historian, snooping in his apartment. Naturally, Daegus catches her hiding under his bed, amid condom wrappers and discarded women's thongs. Somehow Daegus both manages to appeal to her adventurous side and convince her to accompany him to Scotland to rid himself of his evil spirits.

To Tame A Highland Warrior

I had a few historical issues with this one, but none serious enough to prevent me from reading. My biggest problem is that I found the heroine a shrill grudge holder who wasn't above playing games with her man in order to achieve what she wanted. Not awoman I could easily like. The hero, Gavrael MacIllioch, is one of the fabled Berserkers, tormented & emotionally isolated since childhood. The 'heroine' is one Jillian St. Clair whose family fostered Grimm (Gavrael's nickname). Having turned down all of her suitors, her father has resrted to playing a trick on her in an attempt to get her to choose a husband. In the end Jillian & Gavrael make peace with one another & get their HEA.I just wish I liked her.

Skimmed through an older Stobie Piel title, A Patriot's Heart. Set in Revolutionary era America, an English officer meets & falls in love with a confused young woman whose family history is convoluted & has left her deeply scarred. This is an atypical colonial era romance, where the villians & the good guys are all shades of grey. It did not catch me deeply enough to read it all, however, and will be traded at the UBS.


Nicole said...

Er...isn't that first one supposed to be Kiss of the highlander?

Even though the time travel stuff in the KMM books is dubious, I find myself still liking them.

Jenster said...

You did good, Amanda. "Kiss of the Highlander" is actually the first one in that particular series. The rest of the order is:

2 - "Dark Highlander"
3 - "Immortal Highlander"
4 - "Spell of the Highlander"

Adam Black shows up in some of the other books, but they're not actually part of this series. The first two are my favorites so far.

While I typically prefer more realistic storylines - these books are just so much fun, IMO. I put them in the same category as Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books. Neither of them should be taken seriously at all, but they're good for hours of entertainment. lol


Bookwormom said...

Nicole- Sorry about the typo, LOL. I can't believe it got by me! Proofreading is onviously the order of the day.

Jenster- This series has indeed been alot of fun & I've enjoyed them.

Kristie said...

I did the same thing as you. I have 2 copies of the same book - I'm not sure where now and I haven't read either one. I saw it recently at the store at a reduced price, bought it and then when I went to enter it into the spreadsheet discovered I already had a different cover. I don't get caught like that often - but every once in a while I do. It was a good thing I got it for cheap.