Friday, February 24, 2006

Slogging through

Subtitled- why I don't read romantic suspense. I enjoy straight thrillers, especially spy/pursuit themes. I also enjoy spy historical romances. I really like paranormal romances. However, contemporary paranormal romantic suspense doesn't always cut it. It has to do with my own expectations as a reader & it's all in the pacing. I want it fast, fast, fast. No snide jokes please. *HAHAHA* I've come across a book that is really dragging me down & much of it has to do with pacing. TOO SLOW. Way too slow.

The other problem with this book, & yes, I am talking about a specific book, is that I have other issues. The hero & heroine have a Big Misunderstanding dating back- are you ready? to high school. They were deeply scarred by an event in high school. OK, let me say up front I hated much of high school. By the time I was on my own, though, the trauma was let go & I moved on. I realize that some people can't let go of past high school drama, but please, give me a break.

Other problems- the hero is an asshat. Why? He attempts to manipulate the heroine based on his perceived wealth & because she was a jerk in high school. Give me a ffing break please. They seem to be pushing thirty for Christ's sake. Get over the HS drama already. Not to mention the heroine's sister moves in & they all have issues together. Then there's the fact that the heroine has serious image issues.

Wrap it all up in a pretty package. Too slow, dislike the hero, hate Big Misunderstanding plots, characterization problems. There are too many secondary plotlines distracting from what ought to be primary- the romance. I'm gonna give it one last college try today. Maybe. Life is short & the TBR is huge.

What book is this? The Dark Lord by Patricia Simpson published by Tor in 2003.

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Sillycrazyme said...

So what book would you recommend? (just finished the last book in my bookcase, so a good idea would be helpfull ;-) )

Tara Marie said...

...TOO SLOW. Way too slow.

I completely agree, I read RS, but sometimes it's work and to be honest there is a tremendous amount of mediocrity in the genre. I think most authors have a hard time balancing the amount of suspense with the amount of romance.

High school--would go back if you paid me, big misunderstandings dating back years--ack move one already.

Tara Marie said...

I swear I typed "wouldn't go back if you paid me." LOL there are days.

Angela James said...

well crap. I have this book on my TBR pile. Blah.

Bookwormom said...

SillyCrazyMe- I left a post for you on your blog.

Tara & AngieW- See post above & the link to Mrs.G.