Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday 13 #2~ Travel Daydreams

Technorati (click link above) does a Thursday Thirteen meme, any subject. Since Husband & I have been discussing vacation plans for the summer and fall I think I'll list thirteen places I want to visit. In no particular order:

1. Montreal, Quebec- Fete des Neiges

2.Monument Valley, Utah

3. Nova Scotia & Newfoundland, Canada or HERE

4. Ireland

5. United Kingdom

6. New Zealand

7. Australia

8. Venice (before it sinks!)

9. German Christmas markets

10. Vienna- To learn to waltz

11. China

12. India

13. South Pacific Islands

Balls & Walnuts has a mouthwatering TT wandering down nostalgia lane.


Doug Hoffman said...

Hi Amanda!

Good choices. I think if I went to the South Pacific, though, I might never come home.

My TT is up, too. I'm talking about food. Again.

Bookwormom said...

Doug- I agree about never coming home from the S. Pacific. You know, I bet they'd love to have an ex-pat Dr. out there.