Sunday, February 19, 2006

I spent today wandering around the craft store with Son #1 mulling choices for a Mardi Gras mask for French class. We decided on primary colored medium sized feathers & small feathers in black, white & red. Also paint& tacky putty to help the feathers adhere to the mask. What else? A large sheet of pumpkin colored card stock to mount his poem on (a poem about himself a la Walt Whitman) for literature class.

Also we are listening to Slim Shady on the XBox while Son #2 sets it up for his science fair project. The project is using a driving game with a steering wheel & pedals while chatting on a cell phone to record your driving abilities. We also plan to have the drivers change radio stations or CDs, for which we have set up Daughter's radio beside the steering wheel. We're all very interested to see how it goes & what differences there are, if any, between adult drivers & video game adept kids.

Husband is making Sunday dinner. Onions, potatoes & country ribs. He's very inventive. I never mind washing up if he's cooked.

Something fun to watch via BBC Sport. Too, too funny. Takes 10 minutes to watch & if you've boys or Husbands near or if you've an odd sense of humor, watch.

Back to the Olympics after my newest driver's ed exam. Which I'm sure I"ll fail, BTW.


Tara Marie said...

I'm so impressed with your kids' school projects. We visited a couple of weeks ago during open house at the school Anthony will be attending next year and I was pleased to see so many creative projects the kids were involved with.

My husband would have loved your hubby's dinner. We had left over's (Italian)--I wasn't freezing them and I refused to through them out, the brushetta was excellent though.

Anne E. said...

Amanda, I need help with my blog!I spent an hour yesterday reading the technical information on how to creat links on my sidebar and don't understand any of it.

Anne E. said...

I might add that the cut and paste features on my toolbar are not enabled and I can't figure out how to get them to work -- that is probably where I am going wrong!

Tara Marie said...

Anne, it's not Amanda, but if you highlight what you want to copy and right click it should allow you to copy and paste. When you're ready to paste, line it up and right click again, if the "copy" worked, it should allow you to "paste" too.

Anne E. said...

I'll give it a try!

Bookwormom said...

Tara- Leftovers are always yummier. Something about sitting in the 'frige helps. Husband loves to cook on his days off.

Anne E- I tried to answer your ?? on your blog.