Monday, October 10, 2005

Lemon Drop

Younger son has a cute 'honey bear' hamster, supposedly male but we haven't checked it to determine the sex. We only have one, so I don't suppose we absolutely need to know. It/he was christened Lemon Drop before we left the store. Extremely curious, it has thoroughly explored his new home and is now asleep in his exercise wheel. I argree with him- exercise is overrated.

We made the error of buying two different brands of cages as the packaging claimed the brands are interchangeable. Wrong. Lemon drop is in the larger cage & I now need to hunt for tubing & acessories for him. Daughter has a craving for a hamster of her own & asks can she use the smaller cage if she decides to buy one. I figure, why not? She hasn't decided yet.

Anyhow, the weather has finally cooled off to some semblance of autumn. You know- under 80. Only 60% humidity. Husband & I hope to take the kids out to a corn maze before the end of the month. Nothing like getting lost in a farmer's field for laughs!

Working on reading Marigold's Marriages by Sandra Heath. So far so good. Youngish widow is fraudulently deprived by her brother in law of her support & her son's inheritance. Run off of the estate as soon as the will is read she knocks around England, desperately hunting for a respectable position and ends up in an inn where she meets a man acquainted with her deceased husband's family. Many characters named after either birds or flora, hints of Druidism are popping up. I'll let you know how well it continues tomorrow.


Kristie J said...

Years ago we bought our son a teddy bear hamster - that's what they call them here. The thing was viscious!!!! Wouldn't let us touch it. Then a couple of days later we picked it up and something was hanging on to it. We realized it was little tiny babies. No wonder the poor dear was cranky. I would be too if I was just about to give birth and a couple of giants were trying to play with me. She became much nicer after that.

Bookwormom said...

Wow- a buy one, get five hamster deal! ;)

I'm sure she'd have to be nicer after that.

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