Monday, October 03, 2005

Horrible names

I survived the overscheduled weekend. I only managed fifty pages of Dark Lover (the red vampire romance I wrote about yesterday), but what I read I've enjoyed.

I have to say though, the names of the male warrior vampires is getting to me. Wrath, Rage, Vicious, Torment, etc. none of which is spelled properly. I'm sure their mothers didn't originally name them that. Can you imagine, "Wrath, honey, come inside & brush your teeth, daddy's ready to feed you." NOT.

My initial theory is that these vampire warriors are similar to Suzanne Brockmann's SEALS. Ultra macho military types who have a weak spot for certain women around whom their uber alpha behavior goes out the window.

Their names (the vampires' names that is) seem to me to be an extension of some authors' enjoyment in giving military men stupid nicknames. Not only this author, but many others who feature military heroes. So far as I know (my husband & I were active duty combat military for twelve+ years) no one but pilots have a 'call sign' or nickname used by his cowrorkers, a la 'Maverick'. I've never met a military man whose wife called him anything but his given first name. The most common name behavior in the military is that they call each other by their last names (including female servicemembers) & often don't even know the first names of their coworkers unless they are truly close friends.

The other thought that crossed my mind while mulling over the names is that they are similar to the Four Horsemen. Bringers of justice, etc. etc. etc.

OK. Rant over. I'm manging the God awful names in this otherwise wonderful book.

Maili, if you're out there- I miss you!


Tara Marie said...

Amanda, I originally didn't buy this book because of the name "Wrath" but the buzz was so good around it I decided to try it anyway. I think it was Erika who said you kind of get used to them by the end. J. R. Ward has a clever website with interviews with each of the vampires--

sybil said...

I was so over the names by the end of the book and oddly enough I like them.

And that is the first reason why I put the book down and didn't buy it. So hee they grew on me ;).

Can't wait for the next book!