Monday, October 31, 2005

Review:Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens

This is the first Cynster book. As I mentioned yesterday, I've read others in the Cynster series &, generally speaking, found most of them to be perfectly fine. As with any human being,the quality output can vary from project to project, however, I find Ms. Laurens' books to be of more even quality than other authors.

Sylvester Cynster comes upon Honoria Anstruther-Wetherby attempting to tend Bartholomew Cynster who has just been shot in the chest while riding in the woods near Sylvester's estate. To escape an impending thunderstorm the three take refuge in an empty woodman's cottage. There, Bartholomew dies. Naturally, Honoria & Sylvester are caught by Honoria's employer & two of Sylvester's cousins.

Devil Cynster, so named by his babyhood nanny, takes Honoria into his home & spends the next three months or so alternately ordering her around and wooing her. Honoria for her part resists for all she's worth, feeling Devil doesn't truly value her opinion. Honoria also has dreams & wishes all her own & is afraid that Devil doesn't respect her personhood. Devil in turn is perplexed by Honoria's intransigence.

In the end, the murder mystery is solved. Devil & Honoria learn to accomodate each other without trampling on the other's sensitivities. The timeline (9 months, roughly) is about right. I have a quibble or two about Honoria's resistance & one of her pathetic 'reasons'. For a woman who seems to be remarkably poised & well prepared for a prominant & imposing role, Honoria is really naive & irritatiing regarding one issue. In theend I chalked it up to a common fear many women have before marrying, especially if they are insecure or are marrying a dominant & powerful man.

This isn't a keeper for me, but I enjoyed reading it.


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