Saturday, October 08, 2005

Chit chatting

Son has had cake & ice cream at each grandparents' home & now has enough hamster habitat items-tubes, condos, exercise wheels, etc- to fund a hamster refuge. Husband is fully on board with said idea, telling me we will have to have two hamsters, so that I (meaning me, not husband) can name one. I don't remember wanting/needing/desiring to name a hamster but I do enjoy naming creatures. I had a great time naming our bettas (Hector, Achilles, Caesar & Attila). The goldfish were simply dubbed Pirhanas (sp) since they're always hungry & they ate the snail we put in there to keep their tank clean.

It has rained for the last two days straight with no let up. I'm glad for it, honestly. My garden has been parched for months & the butterfly bushes were barely hanging on. The humidity has been extremely high & I'm likely to develop mold on the siding by the front door as that side of the house faces northeast. Oh well. Older son always wants to earn extra money. He can scrub the siding for me.

Forgot Duke of Sin at home but found two Regencies in the bottom of daughter's bag. They're sitting by my bedside patiently waiting a quiet moment.

I've decided I want to pad & cover the headboard & footboard of my bed, so my mom & I have been combing her vast collection of catalogs for just the right fabric. I've pretty much decided on either matelasse or a high thread count tone on tone patterned sheet made into a slipcover. The bedroom, if you remember, is pink & I'm trying to keep the atmosphere from becoming frou frou. I found a nice striped sheet but it's only 200 count & I don't think it'll be strong enough to make a durable slipcover. I like the washability of a sheet though...We'll see.

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Tara Marie said...

Our betta, Dorothy (named for Elmo's goldfish) went to fishy heaven yesterday. Anthony is very upset. We promised to get him another. His bestest friend just got a hamster and now he wants one--we'll see.

I love the padded headboard look. Our bedroom is small so we have to put the bed under one of the windows, we went with an enormous medal scroll work headboard that shows the fabric of the curtains through it. So I get the fabric look anyway.