Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hug your loved one today

I love autumn nights. Last night was perfect. Full (or very nearly so) moon, clear, crisp, breezy. Husband & I went for a long walk late last night. I wrapped up in a white shawl & we took our own sweet time wandering around our neighborhood. We've a mated pair of large owls living nearby & so we watched them hunt as we meandered along. For the sake of truthfulness, I ought to say I watched the owls while husband made sure I didn't wander off into the middle of the street. There are also quite a few bats despite the owls' atttempts to eat them all. They swoop & dart so quickly they seem to have managed to avoid the owls , mostly.

There's an intimate, cosy feel to walks at night that simply isn't there during daylight strolls. Perhaps it's because I feel less rushed at night. I'm unsure. We have a very long history of late night walks, husband & I. No matter where we've lived (& it has been quite a few locales across the US), we always walked, the later the better. I first learned about heat lightning walking with husband in the wee hours in Southern Virginia in the dog days of summer. Snowfall late at night along the front range of the Colorado Rockies. Thunderous rainfall & absolutely baking heat (even at 2am) in San Antonio. The relentless cicadas in Augusta. Playing spider on the swings(remember that game?) in a deserted playground at midnight an Valentine's Day.

So try it sometime. Bundle up your loved one & take a walk late at night. No agenda, no destination, no serious conversations. Just walk & enjoy each other. Remember why you fell in love. Reflect on your shared history. Keep each other warm. Make cocoa when you return.

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Jenster said...

**sigh** How very romantic, Amanda. I love evening walks with hubby for the same reasons. You captured it perfectly. Maybe we'll go for an evening stroll Saturday when he's home. :o)