Sunday, October 16, 2005

Review: Bride of the Mist by Christina Skye

I think I'm probably one of the few who doesn't like this book (or Hour of the Rose, either). The plot tried to wear too many hats, so to speak. Adventure/suspense/paranormal/timetravel. BotM tried to do it all.

Problem one: I have a hard time believing two people who initially intensely dislike each other suddenly fall deeply in love while being pursued by a bomb & gun weilding madman. Not only do they have time to fall deeply in love, the hero spends most of his time obssessing over how to get into the heroine's panties as opposed to worrying about how to keep each other alive. Now, kids, if I'm truly fearful of a madman who's after me with guns & bombs, the last thing on my mind will be sex.

Problem two: the heroine continues planning her magazine shoot pretty much as though the attempted kidnapping/bombing/stalker issues don't exist. She happily faxes, gives away 'free sample' merchandise out of her hotel room, deals with a nasty ex fiance (who also happens to be in the magazine publishing biz) & quizzes the new love of her life about his castle. The only nod given to governmental interference is that the H/H will be followed by undercover Scotland Yard detectives.

Problem three: I really wish there was more direct interaction between the ghost & the H/H and/or the ghost, the H/H & the past lives of the lovers. Adrian & Gideon (the ghost & his cat) were fascinating and I wish they had a more substantial role in the story. There are instances where the heroine has flashbacks to medieval couple falling in love under similar circumstances. I found myself wishing Ms. Skye had written their story instead.

Ms. Skye's pacing & dialogue were excellent as was the build up of sexual tension leading to the final culmination. For me, one or two of the plot devices would have been more than enough; ie:time travel & past lives or ghosts & past lives or ghosts & serial killer adventures- you get my point. The attempted combination of them all was simply too much.

It is my understanding Ms. Skye will be trying a new direction in her contemporary series. I look forward to reading Code Name:Baby which will feature genetically enhanced dogs, their trainers & Navy Seals. Click the link above for more information.

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