Sunday, June 01, 2008

Partial Reading List May

Read in May, listed in the order in which they are piled beside the computer.

1.Just in Time- Judith Lansdowne, Kensington 2003. Romance. Childhood friends are reunited in their 40’s and must find a murder among the local villagers. 1795 gothic.

2.To Love a Princess- Patricia Grasso, Zebra 2004. Romance. Illegitimate by blow of the Russian czar escapes potential slavery by running to England and marrying the first aristocrat who will have her. Beauty and the Beast theme. Set in 1820.

3.Dragon’s Kin- Anne and Todd McCaffrey, Del Rey, 2003. Fantasy. Their new collaboration is set in a mining village on Pern. Young Kindan and his friends must save the village and the mine by hook or by crook. Could be categorized as a young adult as well as straight fantasy.

4.The Duel- Barbara Metzger, Signet, 2005. Romance. Layabout young aristocrat shoots innocent bystander in the aftermath of an illicit duel. Marred, IMO, by the wife’s withholding of sex to “bring her husband around” so to speak. Regency.

5.An Invitation to Sin- Suzanne Enoch, Avon, 2005. Part of the Griffin family series. Young Zachary Griffin must prove to all and sundry he’s finally found his life’s purpose, most especially Miss Caroline Witfield. Regency.

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