Monday, June 09, 2008

May Synopsis

Wellllll..not the best month, but a whole sight better than previous work soaked months. Below is a linked list of books read during the month of May, in no particular order. All books should be listed in the archive on the sidebar.

1. A Kiss of Crimson; Lara Adrian

2.The Queen in Winter, Kurland, Delacroix, Shinn & Monette

3.Dragon's Kin; Anne & Todd McCaffrey

4.The Duel; Barbara Metzger

5.An Invitation to Sin; Suzanne Enoch

6.To Love A Princess; Patricia Grasso"

7.Just in Time; Judith Lansdowne


Jenster said...

Hi Amanda! I'm not sure why, but my Google Reader doesn't show any new posts by you since October so I haven't been by.

Hope your summer is going well!


Bookwormom said...

Jen- The end of the school year has been horridly busy. Add to that some belated spring cleaning, and a distinct lack of motivation for posting..I'm glad you stopped by!