Monday, March 21, 2005

Baby blogger; or- Am I really an exhibitionist?!

Ok- so here I am. A new blogger. Supposedly about my reading life- except that nothing's eally captured my interest. I spend more time surfing & reading blogs than almost anything else. It's like being an exhibitionist really. Purposefully exposing yourself. Being a voyeur is less scary. Maybe not scary. Intimidating?

So- I'm off to the gym for a late evening workout & whirlpool. Planning to start reading "The Ruby" by Christina Skye. Which I *umm..* borrowed from the swap rack at the gym without actually having a book to swap. Of course, this was also back in early Feb. so I guess you could say my conscience hasn't pricked me too hard to replace it. I'll just bring two or three books out of my UBS bag & leave them on the rack. Maybe I'll just read the new Economist that came this weekend. Maybe I'll just stay here & procrastinate my way out of a very needed workout. back later! :)


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Tara Marie said...

I think you're right--we must be exhibitionists at heart. Great blog.