Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Attics, Easter & being a pack rat

Busy day- no reading, but did manage to wander around a local bookstore for a good long while. I must be sick though! lol I only bought two. One is for hubby, "Bringing Down the House" byBen Mezrich, about a bunch of MIT students who beat the casinos. The other book is "The Fat Girl's Guide to Life" by Wendy Shanker. Recommended by a friend, it's memoir/rant on American culture. Sounds funny & sad too. I opened it at random to an anecdote about the author working out alone in a public gym only to have another person come up & ask the author to turn down her Walkman because it was "too loud".

Came home & found hubby getting ready to explore the wilds of the attic in search of Easter decor & baskets & all that jazz. Naturally this turned into a major project, but I guess I can't complain. We managed to rid ourselves of a fair sized mound of unneeded crap. I figured if it had been up there over a year & I didn't miss it- why keep it? Anyhow. The result of all this is not only did I not start my new book (or keep working on my other one) I also didn't catch all of my favorite blogs, any of the news, etc. Ok, pity party over I guess.

I hope tomorrow is more productive reading wise, but I doubt it. I need to finish Easter shopping & I'll have to pick up the kids from my sister. I also need to go back to the gym.

How is it that humans become so attached to our stuff? I freely admit my books are one of the few things I have a really hard time weeding out, but why? Comfort? Security? Relaxation?



Tara Marie said...

cleaning the attic--now there's a project I'm not even going to think about. I did our closets last week and pulled out 3 bags of clothing for Goodwill and 2 bags of kids clothing went to my SIL.

I also did the refrigerator. Pulled out everything, washed all the shelves, the walls, the door, the freezer, yuck. And, where does all the stuff under the crisper drawers come from--double yuck.

I'd rather read.

Bookwormom said...

I always wonder about the sludge too.