Saturday, January 28, 2006

1 Review & a DNF

DNF: Warrior's Song

Written by Catherine Coulter in 1984 as Chandra, Coulter rewrote it & Chandra became Warrior's Song, first in a six book series. I managed fifty eight pages and gave up. The first problem- at the age of eleven Candra nearly strangles her mother to death after years of physical abuse. Problem two- her father purposely trained her in arms exactly as he would have trained a son & never denied her anything. Problem three- at the age of eighteen her father plans an elaborate charade to get Chandra married off. Individually, I could likely cope with any one or possibly two of these although each presents its own difficulties. Woven together as one plot, it is simply one device too many.

Review: To Love A Dark Lord

One James Patrick, Earl of Killoran, manages to twice rescue Miss Emma Langolet, from a hanging death. She in return very reluctantly agrees to participate in a mysterious revenge plot hatched by Killoran against his worst enemy. Like many, if not most, of Anne Stuart's heroes, Killoran is a tormented soul. Preferring to push people away first, few bother try and look below his initial presentation. Emma, though, being rescued twice, is in an unusual position of seeing behind one or two of Killoran's many faces. Against her better judgement she falls for him. Killoran never quite overcomes his need to hide his deeper feelings, but he is fortunate in Emma as she comes to understand his foibles. Another Stuart gem. Keeper.


Kristie (J) said...

I read a lot of Coulter when I first started reading romance although not this one. I can't read her anymore though. Her heroes(???) are just too cruel.
As for TLADL - I read it years ago but don't really remember the story too much. I keep meaning to dig it out as it comes up for discussion quite a bit.

Bookwormom said...

Kristie(J)- I've heard that comment about Coulter's heroes from other readers, especially when discussing her older books.

She's new to me though, and I'll likely read a few more of hers before making a decision to keep trying or to drop her name from the list completely.

sybil said...

I read this Coulter, as well as the whole 'song' series when I first starting reading romance. ah yes... a whole three years ago...

She is an author I find hard to take in large doses and very hit or miss. But lately, she amuses me. At least the historical stuff, I haven't read any of the RS.

I think I have the other as my only tbr AS, out of two. Sounds like another I bought for a good reason ;).

Tara Marie said...

Amanda, anything CC wrote in the 80's is going to be in the bodice ripper style. Most of the heros border on cruel. I read Chandra when it was new.

I agree TLADL is a keeper.