Friday, January 27, 2006

Looking out my windows

Staring out my livingroom window & what do I see? The setting sun gilds one side of the enormous oak tree. All of the tiny branches look clearly drawn on the slate grey clouds pushing the sunshine out of the way.

Our neighbor across the backyard huddles on her porch, chatting on her cellphone. Rush hour traffic races by on the street behind her, headed who knows where. It is warm for January, only heavy sweatshirts or light jackets needed to break the wind. My bulbs will never come up this spring with these temperatures.

The birds, though, are here. A little black & white woodpecker loves the nuts in the feeder. The cardinal pair drop by once in a while too. The sparrows left once I changed the food in the feeder to mainly nuts. The bonus is the porch stays cleaner, but it turns out I miss the sociable little guys. Perching on the railing around the front step. Fighting in my neighbor's bushes.

The baby squirrel from last spring is gone, but I presume the little thief will return again soon. I need to clean up all of the dead leaves in my flower beds. Neaten the edges. Pull up the grass.


Anne E. said...

I have had little time the past few months to spend in my yard -- dark when I leave for work, dark when I get home, and frequently rainy or windy weekends that make it uncomfortable to be outside. Last weekend a falcon visited my yard, drawn by the squirrels eating the bird seed I had put out for them. He was so lovely, sitting on the big tree stump, so still. I could see two squirrels hanging on the trunk of the tree next to stump, equally still and literally hanging on for dear life! The falcon finally flew away, and about 5 minutes later the two squirrels came down to finish their dinner -- probably happy they weren't dinner themselves!

Have a good weekend!


Bookwormom said...

Birds of prey are gorgeous!