Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January Summary

For the January TBR Challenge at RTBC (on the Reader's Roundtable board) I read the following romances:

1. Bird in Hand

2. Fairy Godmother

3. Stealing Sophie

4. To Tempt A Rogue

5. Happily Ever After

6 & 7. Fantasy Lover & Night Pleasures

8. To Love A Dark Lord

9. Night Embrace

10. Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon- not reviewed, but is a keeper

I also read a thriller, Angels & Demons


sybil said...

go team you!

I tell myself every month I am going to do that and never sign up... ah well one day.

Anne E. said...

Thanks for posting your results on the RT Board, Amanda.

Just to update -- I now have 3 negative votes on my review of "Constant Princess!" I am starting to think I am being dissed by some fan girls...if it were not for your comments, I would seriously think about withdrawing the review as perhaps being not a balanced and fair assessment, but not now!!


Anne E. said...

I addressed this on my blog today and that's going to be it!

Bookwormom said...

Sybil- I live in hope that one day my TBR shall be single shelved with nothing laying across the top, but unfortunately my buying habits won't allow it.

Anne E- I still maintain that your review was similar to others posted that did not find Ms. Gregory's work to be perfect, but then, no one's work is. You gave an honest evaluation & that's all that matters.