Friday, January 20, 2006

TBR Confessional

Some of you know I have a four feet tall by four feet wide three shelf bookcase. This is the home of my TBR. It is double shelved (meaning two books deep) on all shelves plus two of the shelves have stacks of books laying sideways on top. I counted them last New Year's. It was maybe 275 titles. Since then I gave up counting the books because the ins & outs completely surpassed my math abilities & desire for numerical accountability. Besides, I was hiding some of them from Husand.

Today I completed my quarterly TBR purge and alphabetization. I pulled out a medium sized shopping bag of traditional Regencies (which are no longer being published on a monthly basis, BTW). I also pulled a paper grocery bag of mass market size paperbacks. Truth be told most of those had already been set aside, but still..

After the UBS totted all of them up my total came to $60. A mere drop in the bucket compared to what I spent last year, but every bit helps. Right? Right?! Ok, maybe not. I just need someone to soothe my guilty conscience.

Anyhow. I returned home and spent the an hour reconciling my collection of TBB post its, pages torn out of magazines, printed emails, etc. I now have a list of ten romance titles plus the RTBC Award nominees pages clipped, marked, stapled & in my purse. Previous purchases marked.

Friday nights are special for the Husband & the kids. Husband cooks dinner (tonight was sausage & bean soup & Italian bread), they camp in front of the tv & watch DVR'd tv shows and movies. Fridays I either hide in the bedroom or go book shopping. Guess what I'm doing tonight?


sybil said...

Reading things like this make me so happy! It is always good to know you are not alone.

Hope you had fun book shopping.

Bookwormom said...

I'm definitely a bookaholic, but I really prefer them to be organized as much as possible. &, yes, book shopping was great!!