Thursday, January 26, 2006

Evening Clutter

So, you know, I have nothing to say tonight. At all. I'm tired & watching COPS reruns. The officers are rescuing baby racoons in some lady's chimney. Stupid wench. No mesh cover over the chimney. Common sense is on special over at Kmart. On sale. Go buy some. Honestly.

What else? Why do some people expect preferential treatment just because they'd be inconvenienced if they had to follow the rules? And why are these same people pricks when they don't get their way? This wasn't my battle, but I witnessed it first hand. Luckily I'm not working with the public anymore, 'cuz this guy would've been out on his ear in a second if he tried to deal with me that way. Some people are just assholes from birth.

Hmmmm...nothing else going on I guess. Laundry needs doing. Need to finish the mending I started back over the holidays (remember?). Scrubbing bathrooms. Cleaning out fishtanks. Recycles need to be taken to the center. Grocery shopping. Whatever. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

Not currently reading anything. Finished the Sherrily Kenyon jag. Two special order
OP titles came in: A Sprinkle of Fairy Dust and Memories of the Heart. The Fairy Dust title is an anthology pubbed in 1996 with stories by: Elizabeth Bevarly, Elaine Crawford, Marylyle Rogers & Maggie B. Shayne. The Memories title is the most recent one written by Marylyle Rogers. It was published by St. Martin's in 1998. Set on the Welsh border & uses Taliesin (the bard) & Ceridwyn (the wise woman) as names. I couldn't resist.

I also bought P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. Young woman is widowed young & with the help of a box of letters from her husband mailed upon his death, she must move on. At least, that's what the back cover implies. Sounded good to me. Like he cared enough to try and help her move on after he is gone. He sounds like I'd hope to be if, God forbid, I were to have a terminal illness. I'd try to help my husband move on & find happiness again.


Anne E. said...

I am having to deal with a work situation that involves that very issue! No details, but someone wants special treatment because following the rules that apply to everyone is inconvenient for her. Fortunately, my peer managers and I have a boss who talks these situations over with us, we come to an agreement, and then we present a united front. That has not always been the case where I work.

The feeling of entitlement that prevades the workplace these days is amazing -- on the one hand, I am a worker too and don't want my rights trampled, but on the other hand I see far too many people who only think of themselves and their immediate wants. These people often also have a hard time understanding why they don't advance in their career...not realizing that being perceived as a team player goes a long way..

Bookwormom said...

Ah yes, the 'me, myself & I people.' Don't you love them? I think the managers' group meeting & united front is an excellent idea (reminds me of parenting).

Have a good weekend!