Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Review: Happily Ever After

Written by Marylyle Rogers and published in 1996 by St. Martin's, this is the second book in a family trilogy. I totally & completely fell in love with the first one, Once Upon A Time. This resulted in hunting down the next two books. It borders on being too flowery, which reminded me of older romances, and some of the dialogue is written in dialect (eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww). I loved the first one though, so I'm more willing to overlook flaws that would normally cause me to have second thoughts.

Lissan, half fairy half human daughter of the Fairy King & an human woman, falls through a fairy ring traveling back to 1115 from 1900 in Ireland. Rory, the local overlord, finds her and 'hosts' her in a magical cottage where she will be protected until he can figure out if she's an evil witch or a good witch. The push and pull of time, political problems, family obligations & powerful magic swirl around them as they slowly become 'friends with benefits' as my son would say.

Light in tone, this title continues the fairytale feel of the first. I was not able to find a website by Marylyle Rogers. St. Martin's does not list her on their website. The most recent book she published was in 1998. I am unsure what exactly her situation is, but I really fell hard for this series and I am glad they are nestled in among my keepers. I have read other titles of hers & they were good for what they are, but they didn't quite have that special something. Here is a list of Marylyle Rogers' titles.


Anne E. said...

I remember her! I know I read a couple of her books years ago but don't remember titles or details....has it really been 8 years since the last one?

Tara Marie said...

I stopped reading Marylyle Rogers when she stopped writing historicals, at the time I couldn't stand paranormals especially ones with fairy setting and characters. But, she was really ahead of her time. I'd probably enjoy her books now.

Bookwormom said...

Anne E- I'm not sure if she's boing pubbed or not. I wasn't able to find any more recent titles by her.

Tara- I found her a while ago due to a recommendation from a message board. This book sat in my TBR for a long time.

Gram said...

I found "Twilight Secret", "The Keepsake", and "The Eagle's Song" on my library website. The publication dates were in the early 90's. No "Once Upon A Time".

Found this when I googled:

Marylyle Rogers lives with her husband of more than 25 years in Boise, Idaho. She has two wonderful sons and a lovely daughter-in-law. Marylyle says, "Long ago I learned the magic to be found between the covers of a book, and it's my goal to provide a few hours of enjoyment in the lives of busy readers."