Monday, January 09, 2006

So Very Old

Me I mean. Daughter just turned fourteen today & last week Son #1 turned seventeen. Nephew down the way turned the big five Saturday last. Son #2 & I made daughter's cake this afternoon. It turned out to be quite an unexpected culinary adventure.

The cake is based on a popular sweet cake our Latino neighbors serve for their kids' birthdays. Usually it is made as a three layer white cake with a custard/pudding type layer on the bottom & center cake layers. On the center layer are kiwi & strawberry slices. Frosted all over with standard white cake frosting & thickly patterned on the top with sliced almonds.

Now, first off, today the car is in the shop for new brakes. I thought I had all of the ingredients- do you remember the Alzheimer's post last week? Well, that's me.

So here we are, in the middle of baking, and I realize half of what I need was eaten by certain people who didn't ask if said items were needed for a recipe. No car & less than half of what I actually need to make this damned recipe. Thus we have boysenberry preserves melted & poured over the top in lieu of fresh fruit & cream cheese frosting in place of custard.

I only had enough flour for two layers so I poured the batter into a ten inch Wilton pan. I love this pan. My absolute favorite pan, hands down. It is big enough to comfortably feed us plus an extra slice or two for breakfast.

The cake turned out well in the end. The cake was a big hit despite Husband's suspicions about boysenberry preserves. Daughter didn't know about the fiasco & thus loved the cake.

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Jenster said...

LOL Amanda! My mouth is watering at your descriptions of what the cake was supposed to be and what it turned out to be. Sounds yummy either way.