Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Don't call me "Little Lady," pal

Some good news for a change! The golden snail we bought for the goldfish tank has not been eaten (yet) and is merrily slurping away on the slime ringing the top edge of the tank. We're still afraid the fish will eat him, so we've decided to wait a few days before naming him (or her). He's bigger than the other one was- perhaps that's the difference.

More good news- the tire was replaced in a timely fashion by the oh so helpful & polite (HA!) Pep Boys staff, leaving us with only the brakes to repair~ on the other car, naturally. While wandering around Pep Boys I did see some very cute Cheshire cat floor mats, just down the aisle from the flower embossed steering wheel covers. They'd probably get more female customers if they'd train the staff not to act as if every woman who walks in is wasting their precious time. I brought Husband with me this time- they were much more helpful to him. I'm so surprised. I thought for sure someone would call me 'little lady.'

Wally World was shockingly empty of patrons when I stopped by to pick up Son #2's inhaler. They already have Valentine's Day candy & home decor out. Honest. You could've knocked me over with a feather. The after Christmas sales are barely over for heaven's sake.

Daughter's IB application has been filled out & is ready to be mailed tomorrow. Son #2 has presented me with a small list of ingredients necessary for a chemistry experiment next week. Pennies, ammonia, bleach, red cabbage juice, etc. Sounds fun doesn't it? Son #1 is trying to climb out of a hole he's dug himself into grade wise. He's forever hauling himself out of one hole, saunters along ok for a while then falls into another hole. He drives me batty.

For the January Romantic Times TBR Challenge on the Reader's Roundtable message board I'm currently reading A Bird in Hand by Allison Lane. Her website is a pain to figure out unless you're already familiar with her work. Many of the descriptions, blurbs & book info don't include title information. You have everything else- awards, H/H, plot, etc. No title. I hope she isn't paying them much to host her. They didn't do her much good.


Tara Marie said...

I was the office manager for a male dominated company a la Pep Boys. One day I found myself at the counter trying to deal with an obnoxious little Irishman, who told me "He'd rather wait for a man girly girl." I walked away and left him cooling his heals until a "man" was available. My husband still calls me "girly girl" just to piss me off.

Bookwormom said...

The first man to call me little lady was a guy from GA (4 years ago). Husband calls me "little lady" 'cuz he knows he's guaranteed to get a response.

alibug said...

I used to do alot of my own auto repair because my dad taught me to be self sufficient. That was until numerous idiots at the autoparts stores and garages refused to talk to me as though I had a brain in my pretty little head.Now i play the dumb chick and get much better reponses. I open my eyes wide and giggle. It's fun when you tell them something they thought only men knew. HeHe

I Love Cars said...

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