Wednesday, December 14, 2005


My lovely sister, formerly known as Dossica has decided to change her blog name to A Ladybug. She has opened comments (I think). Drop by & tell her hello for me. She's just had a second baby & is now utterly surrounded by testosterone, poor thing.

Spent the morning watching Cirque du Soliel's Solstrom . I love watching them, they are amazing. The washboard abs aren't bad either! It is my understanding Quidam will tour the U.S. this coming year. I hope they come near us. Tickets to Cirque have been high on my birthday/Valentine's/anniversary wishlist for a long time. Cross your fingers. I know Husband reads this, maybe he'll take the hint.

As to reading, not doing much of that today I'm afraid. Laundry. Scrubbing. You get the idea. After watching the yummy acrobats of course.

Have A Hot Dry Stormy Life Kids! Read this article today, folks. If you have children. If you care about the future of the earth & your children. Stewardship of Mother Earth.


Anne E. said...

Amanda, if you are ever southside to see your sister (after the holidays), and want to meet downtown for lunch, e-mail me at

alibug said...

On the global warming thing, Scientific American had an article about humns thwarting the impending ice age by using agriculture. By cutting down trees 10's of thousands of years ago for crops, they began this slow decline. We are on our way to making Earth a Venus.

Bookwormom said...

Anne E- Absolutley will be in touch for lunch after the New Year! Sounds lovely!

Alibug- Yes, we're slowly turning into Venus. I think if Husband moves us way North like he wishes eventually we'll have beachfront property. :P

Anne E. said...

Great, just let me know when you'll be down here in January or February and I can arrange my schedule to take a longer lunch.