Sunday, December 04, 2005

Annual Book Count

Romance Reading Mom has counted & listed the total number of books she's read this year & has nearly reached 200 (athough I didn't check today). Tara is the Speedy Gonzales (remember his cartoons?) of romance readers & her book count reveals that. She inspired me to look back over my listed books for this year. I've misplaced my written log for January through the end of February, but I've read fifty seven books since starting this blog back in March. I think maybe sixteen books for January & February. Rough estimate only. RTBC, at the time, had a monthly TBR Challenge on one of their boards & I participated. Perhaps seventy five books total?

I've struggled mightily all year with reading burnout. October & November were much closer to form, although the holiday madness is upon us & I've cut back again.

My daughter asked how many people read my little ditties & was shocked that I have maybe one thousand hits a week plus or minus. "How exciting is our life, mom? Not exciting at all." She's thirteen, what can I say? She was even more puzzled when I told her most of my soliloquies address books, reading, Romancelandia events, etc. not our family life (unless it's funny).

How many books have you read this year? What genres do you prefer? Will you set a reader's resolution this coming January?


Tara Marie said...

I hate to admit I haven't read a single word in 3 days. This time of year is real busy. So there wont be too many updates to the count this month.

A couple of years ago I went through a tremndous dry reading period, if I read 2 or 3 a month that would be a lot, and most of those were re-reads of old keepers. It's rough when you're in a rut.

I just started keeping track of hits on my blog, and was shocked to see about a 100-150 a day, who the heck are all these people they never leave any comments--LOL.

Bookwormom said...

I'd like to know who they are & why they can't say hi too. Then again, I've been found by the 'advertising' search engines, so I think they're actually the ones driving up my count numbers (as opposed to actual readers).