Monday, December 12, 2005

13 Days 'til Christmas

Visited Sister & the Nephews today. Too, too precious all of them. Visiting them was the perfect way to spend a Monday. Traffic was light both ways, what more can you ask for? Except maybe a few cookies for the trip home. Thanks, Sis! And no- none of them made it home to the kids.

Started reading Rebellious Desire by Julie Garwood, I thought I'd read all of her older romances, but so far this one isn't ringing a bell. Typical plot- atypical American girl captures the fancy of a powerful, jaded British aristocrat. Set in London of 1788. I'm only fifty pages into it, but JG is always reliable.

While waiting in a check out line this evening I encountered an astoundingly ignorant person. Verbatim quote, "God blesses America because we believe in Jesus but He doesn't bless Isreal because the Jews murdered Jesus." Later, the same person said, "When did the Jews invent Hanukkah? I know it isn't as old as Christmas. Christians had Christmas before the Jews invented Hanukkah. And what's up with Kwanzaa? Did the blacks just make that up or something?!"

I swear I bit my tongue so hard it bled. I managed to hang on to my happy thoughts of my sister & her family & kept quiet. I saw steam coming out of the ears of the older lady a few feet behind this person though. The whole episode reminded me of Jay Leno's man on the street interviews. I half expected someone to leap out & say, "Surprise you're on Candid Camera!" or some such. Naturally no such luck of course. Our country's future is dire indeed.


Tara Marie said...

Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your sister and her family. It's incredible how hectic it becomes this time of year.

What a horrible person to encounter this time of year. Maybe it's something in the water in VA. We were visiting family in a very rural part of the state and my husband and his cousin stopped to talk to an acquaintance of his cousin, a rather well off business man in the area. He told them they needed to talk to his "head Nig..r" it took everything my husband had not to say something that would embarass his cousin. Afterwards, his cousin told him "that's how the locals talk." And, that's just wrong.

Bookwormom said...

WOW. I haven't heard language like that spoken in public in many, many years. You'd think people would understand that it simply isn't acceptable. Ever. NO matter what is said in the media (thinking of MTV, etc.).

alibug said...

After the theater incident I can understand why you wouldn't want to educate such a person. I have a dear friend who married a man who feels this way. I refuse to keep quiet with him although I'm never disrespectful for her sake. I ask him to further clarify his ridiculous reasoning and then I pointedly disagree. What worries me is that he'll teach his kids this thinking which I'm sure he will thus perpetuating this horrible thinking.