Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Spielberg mom

A few friends & I were watching our Rector supervise the Christmas pageant rehersal. I admit we were chatting throughout, but we each have three or more children & have enjoyed roughly seven or eight Pageants apiece. So, ok, we ought to have been quieter maybe. We weren't though.

The Rector tells the adults discreet photos & filming could be done from the choir loft & after the Pageant. An older mom with an only child (this isn't a dis against older moms or only children) turns around & asks me if I'd ever filmed the Pageant. I replied no, since we've never had or wanted a video camera & besides, I think filming in a church is disrespectful (I didn't tell her that last bit).

"Don't you have three children?"

"Yes, we have three children."

"Don't you want to preserve their most precious moments on film?"

"Well, I take stills, but not in church. Before & after though."

"I want my daughter's every event filmed," with this pronouncement she moved across the aisle where there was peace & quiet & away from the four hens merrily cackling away while their chicks (not so little anymore) learned their lines & their marks.

All three of my girlfriends stopped talking as soon as she moved acros the aisle. "What's her problem? Weren't we respectful enough? Too noisy, were we?"
I explained our conversation. Major eyerolls. "Jeez. Get a life already." And with that our conversation resumed uninterrupted. Rude, weren't we?


alibug said...

As a lifetime episocopalian, I've wondered why we can't film in church. Are they afraid we'll capture God on film? Whatever the reason, it does come down to respecting the rules of the establishment. They say no photos so no photos. As my son says "Take a picture in your head so you'll have rememberies"

Bookwormom said...

I think it may be an issue of respect & not causing disruptions.

Ironically, the lady never did come upstairs to film the pageant although the coir loft truly does offer the best view. The whole thing was as cute as always.

Remind me to tell the story about the lady caught drinking a giant Starbucks coffee in the middle of the service.

sybil said...

It seems to me, people try so hard to get the memory on film they forget to enjoy it when it is happening.

Or maybe that is just my parents :)