Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Review:Have Glass Slipper Will Travel

Before I begin, I will say that I read love & laughter titles strictly for those qualities & rarely quibble with them except for the most serious problems (often fatal character flaws). Unlike other Romancelandia subgenres reality need not intrude in any way shape or form since I want to smile & laugh & escape daily life.

Have Glass Slipper Will Travel by Lisa Cach is, as advertised, a light confection of love & laughter contemporary romance lightly touched by the paranormal (who knew Oprah could be someone's fairy godmother?!). I've read two other Lisa Cach romances, her paranormal demon pair Dream of Me and Come to Me. Only one of them worked enough to land on my keeper shelf (Dream of Me), but I liked her voice enough to buy HGSWT on sight and without second thoughts. Luckily for me, it worked! YAY!

Katy Orville, recently laid off from her tech job in Seattle, lands in London after deciding to spend her savings title hunting. Will Eland (I couldn't shake the image), organic lavender & lettuce farmer as well as Duke of Marreton, nearly runs Katy over when she tries to cross the street against the traffic light after looking the wrong way.

Katy manages to land herself in one ridiculous, unbelievable scrape after another all the while charming the pants off of Will- literally and figuratively. With a little help from Oprah, Peter Pan & pixie dust Katy & Will manage to fall hopelessly in love in an amazingly short period of time.

Despite my constantly seeing Will as an actual Eland (click link above) & my oft repeated dislike of unusual names, plus a few other assorted issues, I completely fell in love with this quick, quirky, funny little book. Lisa Cach has a deft touch- I will continue to look out for her novels.

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