Friday, December 16, 2005

Teenage avalanche, X-Box & Iris Johansen

Somehow, in my sleep induced stupor this morning (6:30 to be precise) I agreed to babysit the boys from down the street while their mom works. You see, the school system decided to call school off this morning after deciding the roads were too icy to risk the buses & the kids. Meanwhile I had already agreed to watch the boys (ages 10 & 15) until the buses came to pick them up.

Fast forward to nine am. They arrive on the doorstep bearing a dozen donuts, which apparently I'd asked for by way of payment, & X-Box games. I was still in my jammies & Husband's wonderful, enormous snuggly terry robe. Race to the back & dress. Pretend mightily to be unsurprised & welcoming. I was now the keeper of two teenage boys, a teenage girl & two ten year olds.

So, six hours later we're still having a good time. It's been fun actually (don't tell them that). I love to hear them laugh & egg each other on. Besides, their mom is struggling to make ends meet (she's a single mom) & they're often alone more than they ought to be.

Also, the repair man was here to fix the shower. Half of the hot shower water ended up coming out of the tub spout, resulting in an empty hot water tank & scalded feet after even a short shower. Husband fussed & puttered all week until I finally took pity on my teens & called the repair guy. Poor man. He was in & out three times today because of parts & lunch & being the only guy trying to cover a large area. Finally, he says it's fixed. I hope so. The whining is tiresome.

I've finally discovered Iris Johansen's older romances. I'm currently reading The Magnificent Rogue. It's wonderful. Why did it take me so long to get around to reading her romances? Why do I hate romantic suspense so much that I won't follow a crossover no matter how good her romances are? Oh well. It'll take me a while to unearth all of her backlist, so I have some time.


alibug said...

I know there is a special place in heaven for single moms. It must be the hardest job in the world. It's hard enough to just be a mom, but to not have the support of someone else to just vent to is immense. I know she appreciated what you did for her.

Jenster said...

I always find I like having other kids over here because then mine leave me alone. lol.

I agree with your sister. I've had a small taste of being a single mom these last several months and I don't see how anyone does it full time. My hat's off to them.


Bookwormom said...

Alibug & Jenster, I certainly hope single moms have their own express line into heaven. Parenting is indeed hard enough with a partner to help, never mind alone & on a shoestring budget.

ixNaWIop said...

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