Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Christmas adventures

Daughter & I had a great time yesterday afternoon watching the menfolk put up the Christmas lights. Being the shortest members of the family does have its advantages sometimes! We bought several strings of LED lights since they're brighter & use less electricity. Plus a prelit Christmas tree made of lights to go with the Santa & reindeer we already have.

Lower utlity bills will be a plus this winter (if it ever actually stays cold) since energy costs will be up to 50% higher. Not to mention the possibility of rolling blackouts due to natural gas shortages. That article details the problems facing New England specifically, but according to the Washington Post, the entire Eastern seaboard faces supply problems, although the risk is lower the further south you are. At least, I think it was the Washington Post. I can't find the article now, damnit.

Back to lighter subjects, we only have access to the attic through a hatchway. I mentioned to Husband yesterday that we'd have to wait for older Son to come home, since I didn't think Husband would fit through the hatch. Very blunt & umm...undiplomatic of me I suppose, but it's the truth. Not that I care, mind you, Husband's weight doesn't bother me, but I honestly didn't think he'd fit.

A little while later I hear Husband calling me. His voice sounded, I don't know, muffled. Odd. We live in a tiny duplex, you see, & we can't really escape each other. I wandered down the hall only to discover Husband had gotten himself into the attic. Merely to be able to come down again & tell me off in no uncertain terms. I'm ashamed to say I laughed & laughed until tears ran down my cheeks. Thus prompting Husband to give me a nuggie (how the hell do you spell that?!!) & say, "I TOLD YOU I'D FIT UP THERE!"

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