Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Review: The Fairy Bride

A spin on the captive romance, The Fairy Bride takes place in Wales in 1275. Rhys suffers from a mysterious ridged purple rash spreading over his face and shoulders. In order to remain lord over his father's holdings he is suppposed to be physically flawless as his health portends the health of his land & the prosperity of his people. In an attempt to be healed, Rhys & his brother Daffyd sail over to the island of Inishmaan & kidnap their healer's daughter, Aileen.

Aileen at twenty five has lived on the island her entire life. She is devoted to her family & her people & is reasonably content to remain there. Her father has trained her in the healing arts & herbs & she is able to facilitate healing with her hands.

After reaching Rhys' holding, only the intervention of Daffyd & the chatelaine Marged brings Aileen fully into the household. After some back and forth negotiations, Rhys and Aileen determine she will remain there until springtime. Rhys must learn to let go of his emotional pain & allow the past to remain in the past instead of carrying it around with him. His scepticism of Aileen's healing abilities interferes with her attempts to heal his rash.

Aileen, for her part, misses her home and her family terribly, but also sees a need in Rhys' peoples & his land. She does not allow her fear of or desire for Rhys to control her or sway her decisions. She manages to preserve the truth of who she is under the most trying and difficult circumstances.

Over time Rhys emerges from his rage and sees everything clearly. He is able to move onward and upward and reprioritizes. Aileen too makes a life for herself on her terms with out compromising. After just enough danger for Aileen to convince Rhys of his feelings, the long awaited HEA.

After initially having a difficult time settling in to this, I was gradually drawn in & wrapped up in my own heartstrings. By virtue of shedding a few tears & laughing aloud in various places, The Fairy Bride earns a place on my keeper shelf.

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