Sunday, May 01, 2005

Lack of time management

Which shall it be, then?! Reading or surfing & blogging? Doesn't seem to be enough time in my day to do both. :(

Managed to read two Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael mysteries: Dead Man's Ransom & The Rose Rent. Which, actually means that I have read the whole series. Now, if only I could find the S. Gregory mysteries!

Made some more progress in the R.L. Stevenson book, but will have to get a good map of Europe as I would like to follow his trip & see if I can find photos of some places on the web. Does that make me anal or weird? Both, likely, but that's ok. I knew that already. :)

Lots of rain this weekend, thank goodness. My flowers needed it. & no, for those of you keeping track, I still haven't planted my bulbs. I want to go hunt for some yellow rosebushes. I have the perfect spot in mind.

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