Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Odds N Ends

Finished The Good Wife by Elizabeth Buchan. I identified with the wife a lot, but I found the husband needed some filling out to be a more realistic person. Otherwise, I recommend it heartily. I also have Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman by the same author & plan to read it this week.

Oddly enough, I've been freezing & starving all week (no I'm not expecting, lol). I've soaked in more HOT baths & bundled into more layers of clothes. Starving is not so surprising. I never thought I'd wish for warmer weather when the Southern summer is coming up. DH says I'm a big baby. Probably true. :)

Anyway, Borders called me today & said "Your book is in." I don't remember what it is. It'll be like Christmas! If today hadn't been so jam packed I'd have it already, lol.

Am attempting to learn handbells. I don't read music, but I find I can count along pretty well. Highlighters also help, lol.It takes a surprising amount of sustained attention. Naturally, the sax playing son simply laughs at me & says it's only so difficult for beginners! Jerk. Fortunately, the music director is blessed with abundant patience.


Tara Marie said...

So, what did you get at Borders??

I'm dragging my son out sometime today to Waldenbooks. I need something to read and my TBR pile sucks.

Unemployed Chick said...

Yes, do tell us which book you bought!

I'm waiting for two shipments from b&n.com. I only did it because I had one of those coupons that said get $5 off of a $50 purchase. Naturally, I'm a sucker for deals like that, lol.

That's great that you're learning handbells. Good luck and don't let your son tease you about it either. The music is so beautiful. I was in Colonial Williamsburg this past Christmas and I saw a musician by the name of Dean Shostak who played lead crystal handbells. It was so beautiful.


Kris said...

Hey, Amanda! I have a good friend who belongs to a handbell choir (orchestra? group?! lol!) and she loves it...they even do guest appearances. We used to have some people in our church who did handbells mainly around Christmas but most of them have moved away, sadly. I think it's a real art and is so unique. Good luck to you!

Bookwormom said...

Thanks for being my cheering section for the handbell choir! It's really fun. My DD & I are trying it together. I'll keep you posted on our progress.