Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday rambles

First off, just want to share my happiness that a friend has come through surgery well & is recovering at home just in time for her family to clelebrate Mother's Day with her! Congratulations & a complete recovery to you, my dear!!

For anyone still curious about the mystery book at Borders- it was a business book I'd ordered for hubby. :( Nothing fun at all, I'm afraid. I did buy A Thousand Days in Venice. I skimmed it in the store & it sounds glorious! I also bought The Companion by Susan Squires. Maybe not quite so glorious, but I do love Susan Squires.

OK, whine ahead...

It has gotten too d!@#$d cold here!! It's nearly Mother's Day for heaven's sake. We've had frost warnings two nights in a row & the kids have fussed in the mornings because the house is too cold. Their cheap mother, you see, has turned off the heat since & I quote, "It's May, darnit. Spring is here!" My poor summer bulbs are warmer in the refrigerator than they would be in the ground. I told you I wasn't procrastinating! LOL

Anyway, happy reading this weekend. Happy Mother's Day & I hope your family remembered that the best gift is a trip to a bookstore!


Unemployed Chick said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Yeah, it's cold here in Jersey too. Freezing my butt off and I still have my fireplace on. I think spring just doesn't exist on the East Coast anymore.


Tara Marie said...

Hey, we had frost last night, now that's cold for May.

Have a great Mother's Day.

Anne E. said...

I have my heat back on as well, and I'm further south than you. I know that when the temperature gets into the 90s later this year I'll be doing some big time whining!

sybil said...

Ohhh tell us what you think of The Companion by Susan Squires, I have been thinking of picking it up but am still not sure.

I have never read her before.