Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Susan Squires

I finished The Companion by Susan Squires last night. There is quite a bit of emotional growth on the hero's part & a big helping of understanding from the heroine. Action is reasonably slow early on. As I said earlier, much of the first section is dedicated to world building. The pace bustles along rapidly in the remaining third reaching our required HEA. The Compainion has dark touches which may unsettle some readers,but they aren't gratuitous and help explain both the backstory & the hero's outlook.

Squires' other realated book is Sacrament & can be read with greater understanding after The Companion. They are related, but it isn't necessary to read them in order. Personally, I feel that Sacrament has more emotional depth. The Companion explains more though. That makes them even in my opinion. The stage is now set for what I hope will be continuing stories about Squires' new world.

BTW- for those of you interested,Squires also has a short story in the anthology The Only One titled Sacrilege. This story is set after Sacrament.

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