Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday thoughts

Began reading Asra Nomani's Standing Alone in Mecca last evening. If you're interested, I posted ( & included a link) about it on or near May 16. A fascinating & eye opening look at Islam from the inside. On the lighter side, I may also begin S. Brockmann's Frisco's Kid this weekend. Don't hold your breath though. I'll be traveling over the holiday weekend & may not read much.

As a side note- WTF is going on with the weather?!! Excuse the vulgarity, if you please. Yesterday the temperature was 50. Today 85. Ok, I'd been getting kinda moldy. I really do like & need the sunshine. You know, a little transition time temperature wise would've been appreciated. LOTS!

Stay safe & sane this weekend. Please spare a thought or a moment of silence for the War Dead of ALL nations on this Memorial Day.

In memoriam: Elias A. McQuaid, 1917-1983, World War II veteran & the unknown soldier who died in my hubby's arms in South Korea in 1992.


Tara Marie said...

Hi Amanda, thank you for the Memorial Day reminder.

If you can find "Body Electric" on your TBR mountain, move it to the top of the pile or better yet, take it with you this weekend. AMAZING book. I started it after dinner and I'm 215 pages into it. Haven't been able to put it down.

Have a great holiday weekend. Tara

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