Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mageworld & the UPS guy

Finished Angela Knight's Master of the Night last night. Now, I thought I'd never say this about a romance, but this book had so many sex scenes I found myself skipping them to find out what was going on in the storyline. I guess that makes it more romantica than a straight romance. Mind you, I like both & I'm certainly no prude- I was simply surprised that's all.

The story was well plotted & tight. The hero was alpha enough without being over the top. The heroine was unusually accepting of the abrupt & amazing change in her circumstances, but hey, this is fiction, right? Honestly,I found Llyr more intriguing than Reese, but since his book just came out I'm in luck!

This author reminds me of a brighter Christine Feehan. Brighter in tone I mean. Similar to Robin Schone, even, except a paranormal storyline. You're likely to know what I'm getting to.

Finally found a chronological listing of Susanna Gregory's Matthew Bartholomew series. Of course,the only real problem was my own laziness. I've asked for two to be put on hold at a Borders near church. I've also discoved Gregory writes under the Simon Beaufort pen name a series (set in Jerusalem in the late 1000's). Unfortunately, no local bookstores have them so I'm going to order a couple via the net. Same goes for an author named Alys Clare.

Looks like if I'm to get my history fix it's gonna be through mysteries, not romances. The UPS guy is destined to be on my Christmas card list.


Tara Marie said...

Hey Amanda-I haven't read Angela Knight yet--who is the publisher? Too much sex? Is it really a romance or is it romantica/erotica?

I just blogged about a couple of Ellora's Caves I read this week. Too much sex and not enough plot, but what did I expect from erotica?

sybil said...

le sigh

I have a long post but blogger ate it about an hour ago.

It pretty much said - AK is a spicy writer. If you are looking to try her I would suggest Hot Blooded. Her story in that starts off the 'world' that MOM is in. And the other stories are good as well, for the most part.

I haven't read MOM yet, it is tbr but ten to one I will like it.

I like Sarah McCarthy and Anya Blast, both EC authors. But I do like romantica/erotica/whatever you wanna call it ;).

Anne E. said...

I have skipped sex scenes more than once, especially if the plot has really grabbed my attention...."shag her and get on with the story, please..." I've been known to mutter. I feel I am becoming a bore on the subject of Marsha Canham, but I really feel that she writes about the best sex scenes of any author going..there is great passion but also great romance in her scenes. She isn't as explicit as Bertrice Small, but neither do any of her characters name their penis "Big Boy," which is a plus in my book!

Bookwormom said...

Tara- posted a longer answer to your questions on your blog.The long & the short of it all being-I think it deserved more plot development & shorter or fewer sex scenes.

Sybil- I enjoyed the story & thought the sex was hot, but I prefer a stronger plot treatment. I have the HotBlooded anthology, but don't remember her contribution. Which means either a) I skipped it b) I never read it in the first place or c) I didn't like it. I'll have to double check on Sunday after I'm done with The Beauty.

Anne E- Penises named "Big Boy"- how'd I miss that one?! ROTFL :0
I have three Canhams in the TBR. They'll have to be moved up I think!