Monday, May 09, 2005

Post Mother's Day "hangover"

Not due to alcohol (although some wine would have rounded out the day nicely), but because my children bought all of my favorite, most fattening foods & then sat down to watch me eat them all. And I'm mortally weak when it comes to Ben & Jerry's, macaroni & cheese, chocolate & Fig Newtons. How do you say no to your children when they know you love all these things? "We know these are your favorites, mom, that's why we bought them all." Not the small serving sizes either. I shared as much as they'd eat, but even sharing it there was still soooo much.....I must've gained at least five pounds yesterday.

I haven't read anything over the weekend. Went out with my mom & my sister Saturday. Lunch & then off to browse through IKEA. Once we returned home the Kentucky Derby was on. After dinner,all eight of us in our tiny apartment- what a hoot, I had to watch the opening stage of Giro d'Italia. All of those yummy men in spandex, plus the always amazingly beautiful countryside. What woman could resist? ok, probably alot of women, especially if they don't have OLN TV. I'm a self confessed pro bike racing junkie & spend most of my free time in the spring & summer following all of the Eurpoean races. No I am NOT obsessed with Lance Armstrong either.

About books. I bought Veils of Time, Lydia Joyce; Season of Wishes, Christina Skye; The Perfect Gift,Christina Skye; Acqua Alta, Donna Leon; & Death at La Fenice, Donna Leon. I've started Veils ofTime because the cover says "Some desires flourish only in darkness" ...&, well..I was weak. It has started off with a classic, time honored plot device- the sister of a scandal ridden, overspent brother is trying to pay up his debts to a wealthy titled man by offering her only possession of any value, her body. The twist that has hooked me,despite my having reservations about how this has been worked out, is that the hero & heroine each have secrets- & I want to know what they are! I'm hooked. Gotta find out what they're hiding. After that it'll be The Compainion By S. Squires.

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