Monday, May 09, 2005

Book update

Updating Veil of the Night by Lydia Joyce . It is a gothic beauty & the beast theme with definite overtones similar to author Robin Schone. It does require some suspension of reality, but my desire to discover their respective secrets overpowered my minor problems with the characters' behavior. A big plus in my book is that both the hero & heroine are in their early 30's. IMO, they demonstrate a remarkable ability to grow & evolve as individuals & as a couple, albeit on a timescale I found a bit too short. This is Joyce's first novel & I'm looking forward to her next one in the late fall.

Am also 2/3 of the way through The Companion by Susan Squires. This one feels as though the author is doing some world building to borrow a phrase from the sci fi/fantasy realm. The characters are well rounded & believable, although the stock character of the suddenly orphaned oddly educated heroine is a touch too convenient. Still, that's a minor quibble. This book has the makings of the start of a well built series.


Tara Marie said...
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Tara Marie said...

Veil of the Night is getting a lot of buzz on-line. I think I'll add it to my to buy list. I can suspend reality when needed.

sybil said...

I really enjoyed Veil of the Night and look forward to her next book.

I really would like to read The Companion. I think.