Friday, April 29, 2005

Rambling along

Happy Friday Everyone! Not a lot happening for once. :P Today has been overcast with occasional bouts of mist. Supposedly we're getting heavy thunderstorms, but they've not arrived yet.

Managing a Brother Cadfael mystery & trying very hard not to order the ones I've missed just so I can say I've read them ALL. Hunted high & low for a list of the Susanna Gregory mysteries, but found nary a one. Trying to resist ordering those too. So far so good...

Finally bought a new storage box for the Easter goodies, they're finally ready to go back into the attic. Only five weeks late, but better late than never, right? LOL I hear you laughing. I'm not a procrastinator, truly!

The landscaper, trying do a thorough job for once- darn it, edged my flower bed beside the front step & managed to mangle my Iris leaves!!! Ok, I admit the bed did need edging & yes, the Irises are too close to the lawn, but jeez! Poor baby Irises, I hope they'll still bloom. :( My tulips are a no show. I swear that darned squirrel Nutkin ate them all. Greedy Bastard. AND yes the boxes of summer bulbs are STILL in my 'fridge. & NO I'm not a procrastinator!! LOL :)


Tara Marie said...

Everything is coming up nicely this year. I've got tulips and daffodils. The hostas, peonies, lilies and delphinium are starting to come up finally. The flowering catnip is huge, I should have split it last year. I also have a whole host of other perennials are starting, but I'm never sure what is what until they start flowering.

Unemployed Chick said...

I still haven't called the landscaper yet to deal with my postage stamp sized front yard. It's been a mess of weeds since we moved into the house last year and I still haven't done anything about it, lol. Hubby says that he'll weed and plant some stuff there but I say let the landscaper do the work but the man is talking from the cheap side of his face. So we'll see who wins the battle of the wills.


Anne E. said...

It's Sunday morning when I post this and we are getting a nice soft rain here in central Virginia. Next weekend I hope to buy potted plants for my front porch. I purchased my house in 2001, and added a dogwood and a Japanese maple to the front yard --they are so lovely this time of year, although they look like sticks in the winter! I love spring in Virginia.

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