Saturday, April 16, 2005

Evil mom strikes again

Well, here we are in sunny, windy, chilly N. VA supposedly enjoying the spring sunshine. In actual fact we are busy enforcing the Saturday chore routine- change your sheets, vacuum, dust. Wash your laundry. You know, the- "mom I thought this is what you're supposed to do" chores. I nearly died the first time my younger son told me this. I answered- "I thought these up just to torture you with them."

I also started reading Bitter Brew this afternoon. The one about the mass poisoning in rural Maine. Of course, I'm also reading The One Who Got Away, & the Dr. Phil book too. Oh yeah- Honeymoon With my Brother too. lol :) I'll make quick progress I can tell..


McVane said...

Hi, Amanda. Who wrote THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY and what is it about? Thanks. :D

Bookwormom said...

TOWGA is the new book by Marian Keyes. So far( 4 chapters), it appears to be a convoluted storyline involving several women whose lives intersect in different ways, all of which seem to involve relationships- with each other, with parents, with boyfriends, with husbands, etc. I think it's closer to "women's fiction" than romance. I've liked her other books, this one looks good too.

DH & I are considering a holiday in Oct. in Edinburgh. Can you give us any basic info about weather, good meals off the "tourist trek", etc? Thanks!


McVane said...

Oh! I didn't know that Keyes's book has a title change. Over here the title is THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY. I read it last year. I enjoyed it, too, but not enough to regard it as a Memorable Read.

This October? Oooh. Nice one! Summer is from June to August, but good weather usually lasts to early October. I tell you what - why don't you send me an email at applecross9 @ I'd be pleased to email you the info as well as to answer any questions you may have. :)