Sunday, April 24, 2005

Would you allow a man to choose your accessories?

OK, today's topic is entirely unrelated to books, but results from an observation I made this morning.

I was watching a couple (in their 60's, if that matters) who was perusing jewelry. The woman was very particular, or maybe just indecisive, but looked over several different different items before settling on one. She turned, in search of a large mirror, but her husband said, "That really isn't your style." She immediately put it down. I then said (smiling, trying to tease) "Well, change is good, right?" The wife smiled at me, but the husband said "Time to go." He took her by the elbow & led her out the door. What was that all about?

Is it me or does this sound overly controlling? Could be me, but there were odd overtones I can't properly describe here. I mean- it was a pretty aventurine & coral necklace (light sea green & orange) that looked good on her (blond & freckly & fair). It would have been a good accessory for summer & wasn't expensive. They could obviously afford it, so money couldn't have been the issue.

IMO, a woman should be able to choose her own things right?! She could afford it, he wasn't going to wear it- why should he care? It might have earned him brownie points (so to speak), with her. So what if it didn't meet his "requirements" or expectations of what a woman of their "station" ought to wear? Yes, he appeared to be 'that' kind of man.
Well, off my high horse now. Hope everyone out there had a great weekend!

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Tara Marie said...

If I had witnessed this, I probably would have been annoyed too. But, they are of a different generation, though I can't see my mother putting up with that and to be honest, my dad wouldn't have a clue.

I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt (of course I can do that because I didn't witness it) and say maybe he really does know her taste and wasn't being a controlling A$$.