Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Burnout has set in, I'm afraid. I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm really struggling to read anything at all- never mind my beloved romances. I've decided to try anthologies, light humor, Old Regencies. Anything that is easily picked up & put down. Does anyone else have suggestions on slogging through burnout?

Part of it is simply that my obligations have doubled. Not quite the equivalent of working outside the home full time, but very close. Even when I bring a book with me, I'm often distracted & don't savor the book as much as I normally would if I were at home.

The other issue is simply that none of it really grabs me by the throat & screams "READ ME"- except the new LKH. Not that I plan to ditch my TBR, although that has occurred to me. I'm just very frustrated & cynical & ....I don't know.


Anne E. said...

Hi, Amanda! I have had that feeling as well from time to time. I revived by reading a book that was totally the opposite from what I normally read -- Loretta Chase's "Miss Wonderful" -- and found that helped. I tend to be more of a "serious" reader (not in the sense of Mary Bennet and "Fordyce's Sermons"!) but the lighter romance novels usually don't appeal to me as much as the more meaty, longer books. It was a fun read and I have recommended the book to others.

Tara Marie said...

Anne's right about Mr. Impossible, it's a really fun read.

I think we all get burnt out periodically, for me I went through a huge dry spell while I was pregnant and right after my son was born. I was lucky if I was reading a book a month and that went on for over a year.

You probably should take a break or read something out of the ordinary for you. Good luck, long dry spells stink.

Tara Marie said...

I've got "Mr Impossible" on the brain (one of my favorites for the year). Miss Wonderful is also a good book, a nice light read.

Bookwormom said...

Thanks, Ladies, for your suggestions. I think I'll hunt up a secondhand copy of LC's two books & see what happens.