Friday, April 01, 2005

Grumpy & disappointed

I think I'm being too picky, but is it possible for a secondary character to turn you off enough to stop reading a book? And about one of the main characters- if this person makes a serious error in judgement & is then punished, how much time ought to go by before they recognize & admit their error? And another thing (lol), can the language be too informal? Too slang-y, if that's a word.

This book isn't a wall banger yet, but it has definitely started me off on the wrong foot. Contemporary language is fine, slang is fine too. There is a point, however, when it becoomes irritating. Another thing is that one of my pet peeves is adultery....

Well, it's late so I'll just put it away for tonight & try again in the morning.


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Tara Marie said...

What the heck are you reading--lol?

And, yes I think writing can be too informal and slangy. I've given up on Catherine Coulter because her dialogue is always too "witty".