Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Overcoming first impressions

Managed to read another 15 pages or so in the almost a wallbanger. I decided to to keep at it until chapter 5 & then make a final decision. Then again, I may just drop it now & try something else...Decisive aren't I? LOL ;)

My initial dislike makes it hard to be neutral & then keep reading. If I'd've enjoyed the first 20 pages, then I'd surely finish it. I didn't though & now I find myself critiquing everything as opposed to relaxing & enjoying the story.

There's not likely to be too much reading time open in the next few days. I've several dayime commitments, plus extra chauffering duties. I really need to get back into the gym habit too.

Last two weeks I've only gone three times instead of the six to eight I ought to've gone. *gulp* I always feel & sleep better when I exercise- you'd think it'd be a no brainer. It's so easy to be "too busy" though. Maybe schlepping the gym bag around everywhere would serve as a visual reminder to make exercise a priority? Then I wouldn't have to rush home, get my stuff & go back out- a fatal event. There's always something of high priority at home that takes precedence over going back out to the gym.

Hmmm. I'm getting busier. I'll have to be much more organized about scheduling priorities & taking time for myself. The classic dilemma, I'm sure. Anyone have any tips?

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Tara Marie said...

Amanda--I'm a computer idiot. How the heck did you post the rio link in your last post??

PS I wish I had half your "gym" ambition--lol.