Sunday, April 17, 2005

Two blahs & a possibility

Have to say, Honeymoon With my Brother is starting to pall. Oh, he's shown personal growth, had some extraneous sex he claims to feel badly about, offered some interesting theories on traveling in developing nations, etc. etc. etc. I'm getting a bit bored though...The brother begins to interest me, strangely enough. Perhaps because he is somewhat of a mystery?

Continued on with A Bitter Brew. I have to admit- I snuck ahead & read the last chapter & so there's no "AHA!!" waiting for me. Now the question is, "Do I care enough to learn the nitty gritty details?" Probably not.

Picked up a copy of Wicked by Shannon Drake. Purely due to the back blurb & the cover. The only other title I tried by her I couldn't finish. I have high hopes for this one though! Maybe I'll start that one & ignore the library books I just borrowed. Can anyone out there reccommend top notch Shannon Drake titles?

I desperately need to plant the summer bulbs taking up space in my 'fridge. I ought to weed my flower beds. I ought to, I ought to I ought to...Maybe tomorrow. Or not. The weather is (hopefully) going to be gorgeous tomorrow & the kids & DH all have the day off. Perhaps we shall go hiking instead. :)

I also want ot run out & purchase the new Laurell K Hamilton book, the title of which escapes me at the moment. The newest Merry Gentry book. A friend has already read it & it anxious to chat it up in detail. I really need to get on the ball.


Tara Marie said...

Amanda, I've enjoyed some of her medievals (the titles are escaping me, I think they're part of the "Graham" family series). When you finish "Wicked", you should go over to AAR and check out their review, and make sure you let me know if you liked it.

Kristie (J) said...

I read your blog very quickly last night and since I've never heard of that book, I thought you actually went on the honeymoon with your brother and new wife, scratched my head and wondered why. I figured it must have been one of those weddings on a tropical island.

Bookwormom said...


I did honeymoon on a tropical island- but without family members.