Saturday, April 23, 2005

Field trip insanity or How soon can I stay home & hide?!

The last two or three days have been insanely busy. For some unknown reason, two of my kids had field trips. One into Baltimore to see the National Aquarium & the other into DC to take a tram tour. In between was piano practice, handbell choir, children's choir, potluck & organizing a craft sale at church. Oh yes- I'd also agreed to chaperone the trip into DC & then promptly forgot. Until the morning of said trip into DC, when the 9 year old says, "Boy mom, I'm glad you're coming today!" Mom- "Coming where?!" LOL

So, I've barely been able to remember my name & where I'm committed to go. I did manage to read A Stroke of Midnight, mostly while in the car. I'm going to have to read it again- not everything sank in the first time.

Re the discussion over at lovestoread about classic romance authors. Anne & Maili both make excellent points. I've only read one Kathleen Woodiwiss & none of Rosemary Rogers (have one in my TBR though). I really think of these authors (& others of this time period) as "old school" romances. Excellent given the restaints & requirements of that time, but not necessarily the stuff of immortal romance. Does that make sense? BTW, ought Roberta Gellis be on this list? If so, should I read the ones in my TBR? I only bought them 'cuz they're "must reads" not because I'm really interested. Know what I mean? Please offer any opinions or insight or advice!!

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