Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Thoughts on Katrina

Wow. I just watched some of the coverage about the Katrina aftermath. Remember those old commercials (from the early 70's) which ended with a garlanded Mother Nature saying 'Don't mess with Mother Nature!' & then had a huge thunderclap? I know I'm a shallow person, but honestly that was the first thing I thought when the footage scrolled by on the tv. You know it was bad when the emergency shelters had to be evacuated after the storm.

So I've donated some money to the Red Cross & made a few phone calls to check up on some friends. Say a few prayers, folks. They can use them.


Anne E. said...

Where have you been the past week? Are you okay? I assume you are busy getting the children ready to go back to school. Bring me up to date!

Tara Marie said...

Amanda--is everyting okay?? You're making us worry.

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