Sunday, August 21, 2005

Painting the boys' room

Daughter is away visiting the grandparents these last several days. Hubby, the boys & I are using this to our advantage to prime & paint their room. Her room is now stuffed to the gills with their furniture. They chose sky blue & I wanted semi gloss (all the better to scrub off the scuff marks). Hubby did the ceiling for me before he went to work last night. Today while he sleeps I hope to complete the first coat-with the boys' help, naturally.

As a result the only book I've read is The Home Depot Decorative Painting 1-2-3. An excellent resource, especially if you're beginner painters like we are. The book has proven handy in helping me deter salesclerks in the big box home stores. Most of whom are less educated about painting than we are. My advice,if you find someone who actually knows paint, shop in that store when you're sure s/he'll be there. It saves much aggravation. Trust me.

On the 'puter front, it was weird all day yesterday but is ok this morning. If I disappear for a day or two this week that's why.

Wish me luck finishing the boys' room!

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