Monday, August 22, 2005

Finished painting- Started Redwall

Well, the boys' room is now an eye opening electric Wedgewood blue. Inch for inch more cheerful than the drab, generic beige it had been only a couple of short days ago. Meanwhile, poor hubby has twinged his sciatica & is now bedbound begging for sweet iced tea & brownies, poor lamb. Honestly, between you & me & the lampost- he has shown quite a talent for color selection & furniture arranging. Don't tell him I said so, he's still the college football playing super jock at heart.

I've managed to move on from this weekend's Home Depot 1-2-3 Decorative Painting to Brian Jacques' Redwall. Somehow I managed to acquire the first five in the series, now pushing twenty I believe, but have yet to read them. Hubby & sons had gone through the boys' bookcase & were going to toss them, but I've rescued them. I'm on chapter five already & hope to get at least halfway through before we begin daughter's room. Supposedly to be sea green, but after the boys' experience we'll just see how correct the name & the chip turn out to be.


Anne E. said...

My grandson loves the Redwall books! I've only read the first one in the series & that was when it was first published. As to painting, I remember when my son was about six & insisted that we paint his room a deep blue -- it looked like the bottom of the ocean, but he loved it. The ceiling stayed was like entering a grotto!

Tara Marie said...

I love deep colors, wedgewood blue sounds wonderful. My hubby has a great eye for color, but not decorating--his taste in furniture and furniture arranging is down right frightening; he has very poor eye/space coordination. Our conversations (fights-lol) go something like this:

me: let's try it there.
him: it's never going to fit.
me: let's try it anyway.
him: I'm telling you it's not going to fit.
me: humor me and try it.
him: grumble, grumble, unrepeatable words.
him: okay it fits damn it, you're right again.

I have chronic sciatica problems, for me the worse thing I can do is pamper it. Hot showers, several days of an aspirin regiment (a doctor recommended this one to me years ago and it really helps) and stretching exercises are the only way it will clear up for me. My advice to your "college football playing super jock" get up and move around.

Bookwormom said...

Anne E- Sounds like the boys room exactly! A grotto. They just say it looks like Foster's (a cartoon character on CN).

Tara- Hubby takes Flexaril or gets shots for his backpain. Problem being if he has too good pain control he often won't rest enough for the spasm to go away. All is well now though. I gave him double the Flexaril & he slept for 15 hours & woke up ok. SO I guess my nursing isn't too bad after all. Hahahaha. I will mention the aspain regimin to him & see what he says.

Bookwormom said...

What horrible spelling- sorry all!!!