Saturday, August 06, 2005

This ~n~ That

Well, we're getting ready to plunge off of the 'interior painting' cliff. Last year we did the livingroom, kitchen & bath. This year we hope to (intend to?) repaint the kids' rooms- while they are still here. Yes, yes, I know we ought to have repainted while they were all away earlier. Hubby & I had, shall we say, other things in mind for our first two weeks alone in..OMG, donkey's years.

The Sharon Kay Penman has been very good as has the Fiona Avery novel. Did I say hubby bought me The Crown Rose as a consolation? Earlier this week, after the fiasco at BAM. There's an excellent synopsis HERE.

My favorite line in TCR has been:

"It was a spoiled girl's notion that a woman could have everything."

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